FAQs - GarySusanDance WCS

What is the best way to learn using the GarySusanDance WCS site if you are a new dancer?

All of the material is organized by our Dance Circle teaching methodology. The Dance Circle is comprised of 6 Topics. They are Content, Self Technique, Partnership Skills, Musicality, Dynamics and Performance.  

If you are a newer dancer, we would recommend first learning Content so that you can essentially speak the language.  Then we would recommend venturing into self technique and partnering skills so that you can execute content in a way that feels and looks better.

Once you are comfortable with fundamental content and partnering, then it would be good to start learning musicality. Musicality is a high priority in WCS, but it is not easy for many to implement consistently.  We have put together great explanations, if I do say so myself, and attainable drills to build this skill.  We have seen great results from many different skill levels using these drills.

Finally, Dynamics and Performance would be great to explore as you get into competitive Jack n Jills or Strictly Swings and of course routines.  If you are just a social a dancer, they are just as useful to you once you are at a certain skill level because they will make you look better. And regardless of what your goal is, we all want to look great!

What if I'm more of an Advanced dancer? Would there be something of value for me on this site?

Heck yeah! What you would want to do first is set a goal for yourself.  For instance, "I'd like to turn better or be more eye-catching on the floor or get better at musicality".  From there, you'll be able to use the 6 topics of the Dance Circle (Content, Self Technique, Partnering Skills, Musicality, Dynamics and Performance) to find the videos that will help you in that goal.  One thing I think we are really good it is taking something complex and making it attainable through drills.  

What is the value of doing Live Classes with Gary & Susan?

What's great about Live Classes is that you get that human interaction and feedback.  You can ask questions and practice the drills with us.  Also, something that has always helped me is accountability.  It's easy to let things slide when you don't have something keeping you on track.

Do the Live Classes take place every week?

They will range from 2-4 times a month.  We still travel a lot for competitions so sometimes we will be unable to do them due to travel. We plan to be consistent and will publish it before the new month begins so that you can plan accordingly.

Where do the Live Classes take place?

Facebook Live! Once you enroll by either becoming an Annual Plus Member or by purchasing a month of classes a la carte, you will be added to a private Facebook group. Then on Thursday at the time of the class, you will simply be on the group and you will see Gary and I pop up.  

What if I miss a class?

The class will be available on the group to view after the class.  So you'll  have time to go back and watch  missed classes.